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Advanced Column Options 

When you click the pencil icon to Edit an existing column, Advanced Column Options will display below the columns list (Figure 5-1).  

Advanced Column Options
will vary based on the data type of the column you are currently editing. The following is an alphabetical list of all available Advanced Column Options. Only select Advanced Column Options are available for each data type. 

Abbreviated URL
If enabled, only the file name or tab name is displayed as a clickable URL. If disabled (default), the full URL path is displayed. 

To display a fixed text label instead of the URL link, enter the static text to be displayed.

CSS Style 
Enter a CCS Style parameter to apply to this column , for example: width:300px – to set the displayed field width to 300 pixels.

Currency Symbol 
Enter the preferred currency symbol or letters to be displayed aside monetary values.

Data Type
From the drop down list, select the data Type for the evaluated Expression property. 

Default Value
Enter a preset default value to be displayed. The value can be edited by the user before the record is saved. The value must conform to a valid value for that data Type.

All valid Data.Column.Expression expressions are allowed. For more information, please refer to the MSDN help in the Additional Information section at the end of this guide. 

Example: The following expressions assume that the names “Price”, “Quantity” and “Unit Price” are pre-existing columns already defined in a Form and List instance:


Price * Quantity 
[Unit Price] * 3 
ISNULL([Unit Price],0) * Quantity 
Convert([Unit Price] * 3, 'System.String ') + '  Some text' 
'' + Description + ' ' 
IIF(Quantity > 10, '10% Discount', 'Regular Price') 


For more help with expressions, see Chapter 4, Hidden Columns.

Help Text
Enter customized tooltip help text for this column. When the user clicks the “?” icon displayed before the input field label, your custom help text will be displayed.

To display this column as a clickable hyperlink, enable this setting.

Link Caption
To display a fixed text label instead of the link itself, enter the static text to display.

List of Values
Create a drop down list containing preset choices by entering values separated by semicolons (“;”). Leave this option blank to display the default input control.

Output Format
Specify a format mask that will be applied when the column is displayed, i.e. #,###

Date, Time, Date and Time format strings that will be applied to the displayed value: 

d Short Date f Long Date and Short Time
D Long Date F Long Date and Long Time 
t Short Time g Short Date and Short Time
T Long Time G Short Date and Long Time
M Month and Day Y Year and Month


Plain Text Box
Use a Plain Text Box editor instead of the Rich Text (HTML enabled) editor. 

UTC Time Zone 
Enable to save Date and Time based on the user’s DotNetNuke default Time Zone, otherwise the Date and Time will be saved according to the current host server time.  

Validation Message 
Text message to display to the user when the Validation Rule is not met. 

Validation Rule 
Enter a required input pattern using the “Regular Expressions” language. For more information about “Regular Expressions”, see the “Additional Information” chapter.

Token Use in Column Options 

Within the Advanced Column Options: Default Value, Link Caption and ALT Tag - you can specify strings, which might contain either Module or System Tokens. A complete list of available System Tokens are listed in the next section. 

Module Tokens allow you to refer to column values of any defined or hidden column in the current module. Use the syntax [Row:ColumnName] to replace the associated column value of the current record. There is no option to refer to values of other rows.

DotNetNuke System Tokens 

Using tokenized options and expressions, the following system tokens will be replaced with the current value of the associated property:

[Portal:Currency] Currency String
[Portal:Description] Portal Description
[Portal:Email] Portal Admin Email
[Portal:FooterText] Portal Copyright Text
[Portal:HomeDirectory] Portal Path (relative) of Home Directory
[Portal:LogoFile] Portal Path to Logo File
[Portal:PortalName] Portal Name
[Portal:PortalAlias] Portal URL
[Portal:TimeZoneOffset] Difference in Minutes between Portal Default Time and UTC
[User:DisplayName] User’s Display Name
[User:Email] User’s Email Address
[User:FirstName] User’s First Name
[User:FullName] [deprecated]
[User:LastName] User’s Last Name
[User:UserName] User’s Login User Name
[Membership:Approved] Is User Approved?
[Membership:CreatedDate] User Registration Date
[Membership:IsOnline] Is User Currently Online?
[Profile:] Use any default or custom Profile Property as defined in Users > Manage Profile Properties. Use non-localized Property Name only.
[Tab:Description] Page Description Text for Search Engine
[Tab:EndDate] Page Display Until Date
[Tab:FullUrl] Page Full URL
[Tab:IconFile] Page Relative Path to Icon File
[Tab:KeyWords] Page Keywords for Search Engine
[Tab:PageHeadText] Page Header Text
[Tab:StartDate] Page Display from Date
[Tab:TabName] Page Name
[Tab:TabPath] Page Relative Path
[Tab:Title] Page Title (Window Title)
[Tab:URL] Page URL
[Module:Description] Module Definition Description
[Module:EndDate] Module Display Until Date
[Module:Footer] Module Footer Text
[Module:FriendlyName] Module Definition Name
[Module:Header] Module Header Text
[Module:HelpURL] Module Help URL
[Module:IconFile] Module Path to Icon File
[Module:ModuleTitle] Module Title
[Module:PaneName] Module Name of Pane (where the module resides)
[Module:StartDate] Module Display from Date
[DateTime:Now] Current Date and Time
[Ticks:Now] CPU Tick Count for Current Second
[Ticks:Today] CPU Tick Count since Midnight
[Ticks:TicksPerDay] CPU Ticks per Day (for calculations)
[Server:Name] Server Name
[Querystring:Name] Value of Querystring Name
[Form:Name] Form Posted Value of Name
Data Type "Look-Up" to Source Column Type "Download" or "URL" also supports:
[File:Name] Name of File
[File:Folder] Folder of File
[File:Path] Complete Path to File
[File:Size] File Size in Bytes
[File:SizeMB] File Size in Megabytes
[File:Clicks] Number of Downloads
[File:Extension] File Extension
Data Type "Look-Up" to Source Column Type "Email", “Created by”, “Changed by” or “Link to User’s Profile” also supports: 
 [Gravatar:MD5Hash]  MD5 Hash of the Email Address (if available) 
[Gravatar:URL]  URL to the Gravatar Image
[Gravatar:Image] Gravatar Image 
For Date/Time and numeric values, you can also append a <format> string defined by the .NET framework, for example:
[DateTime:Now|<format>]  current date/time formatted according to <format>,  e. g. [DateTime:Now|f] displays current date in short format  (does not apply to Calculated Column expressions) 

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