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Please make rights more granular again


I am using Form and List 6.02.00 with DNN 8.3.

I need certain users to be able to Show Records and others to be able to Add Records.

In order to grant the ability to have someone access Show Records, I now have to grant them rights to Manage Settings, which of course allows them access to the Settings menu.

In order to grant the ability to have someone be able to Add Records, I have to grant Edit Content rights. This unfortunately also allows them access to Form and List Configuration. This Add Records problem is only an issue when the Appearance setting in the Form and List Configuration is set to List.

In our previous installation of Form and List 5.1.3 and DNN 6.2.5, I was able to grant roles the ability to just Add Records or Show Records. Can you please make these rights more granular again, or advise me in how to configure this if this is misconfigured?